Dear Parents/Guardians:


   The parents, teachers and administration of Joseph B. Cavallaro believe that homework is and should be an integral and essential part of a student’s academic life.  This philosophy should be supported both in school and at home.  To ensure a successful middle school experience, homework responsibility must be shared by the teacher, the student and the parent.


Homework Responsibilities:


1. Teacher:

                a.  Give daily assignments.

                b.  Number the assignment to correspond with the lesson taught.

                c.  Check homework every day.

                d.  Create a homework reference system to enable students to make up a missed

                e.  Include homework as part of the evaluation process.

                f.  Assign quarterly projects with ample time to complete and evaluate a meaningful 
                g.  Record all complete and incomplete homework in the teacher’s marking book.  A
                      reasonable percentage of homework must be assessed using a rubric for the 
                      assessment.  The rubric must be clear and displayed in the classroom.


2.  Student:

                a.  Copy homework assignment and number into the official School Homework Planner.

                b.  Complete all assignments in a timely, neat and up-to-standard manner.

                c.  Make up missed assignments in a timely manner when absent from class.

                d.  Maintain notebook with a homework section as required by the Teacher.


3.  Parent/Guardian:

                a.  Support the Cavallaro Homework Policy.

                b.  Assist and review homework assignments.

                c.  Respond to notes from Teachers in the Homework Planner and when necessary, confer 
                     with the school staff regarding homework.

                d.  Sign Homework Planner daily.

                e.  Continued support of this Homework Policy will help to promote an appropriate 
                      educational climate.